The Sultan of Schlock

That's what Forbes Magazine called Ray Lindstrom, and he thinks it's a compliment!


Yes, Forbes Magazine called me The Sultan of Schlock and I thought it was a I was in my giant watch store, The Watch Man at The Riverside Resort in Laughlin, NV along with Renee, The Watch Girl, and Bucky, The Watch Dog. I am wearing my Million Dollar Watch Coat featuring hundreds of working watches.


This is the place that is so famous we've been featured on The CBS Evening News and CBS Sunday Morning, The NBC Today Show (twice), ESPN, Forbes Magazine, National Enquirer, CBC's As It Happens, and many other media outlets. It satisfies the ham in me.


At one time we had stores in casinos and tourist locations all over Nevada. Then we tried to simplify life and just kept the Laughlin, NV stores. Recently, (2007) we sold those and have retired to Paradise (Tucson, Arizona). 


Over the years we've done lots of neat stuff. Like create the infomercial industry in the 1980's. And, we're not done yet. If you have something promotional you'd like to discuss, contact us:



Ray Lindstrom

The Sultan


PS: Here's the article from Forbes to take a look at.







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